- Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Today I found the toothpaste in the toilet, the dog bowl in the bathtub and a pair of pants in the oven…hmmm…welcome to my world! My son Laith, now 16 months old, is my little inspiration….his world is full of creativity, adventure and surprises. Even though we are the teachers of our children, you have to admit, we learn a lot from them as well.

My mission is to make moms’ lives a little easier so they can focus on enjoying the gift of motherhood and savor those precious moments.

Since I was a little girl, I have loved babies and was fascinated by the miracle of birth. When I was pregnant I was on top of the world…so excited to meet that little one and to finally experience motherhood.

My pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding experiences made me realize that it was time to follow my passion and turn it into a career where I can share what I learned and experienced as a new mom with other moms out there.

After months of research and hard work, I finally opened Baby Fityani Boutique in my hometown.

Almost a year later, I decided to further grow this passion and build an online resource to enable me to share those experiences with moms all over the world.

Becoming a mom is the most wonderful experience ever but it can get overwhelming at times. Researching the tremendous amount of information and products that are out there can be very confusing and challenging.

I chose only the products that I absolutely believe in. I have either tried them myself or know moms who have tried them and raved about them. Furthermore, all my products are safe for both baby & mom. I am always looking for the most up-to-date products and information to share with you. I am also here to share my personal experiences and knowledge or answer any questions you may have. However, do not ask me why the toothpaste was in the toilet, how the dog bowl got in the bathtub or how the pants ended up in the oven.